Guide – How to open a German Bank Account!

This Article contains general information about DKB and provides a step by step guide on how to open a German bank account as an expat.

DKB – Basic Information

Why would you open a bank account with DKB? Because it offers one of the, if not the, best bank account in Germany.

  • The Account is Free and has no hidden Fees
  • Anything can be done by Online Banking
  • You get a VISA Card for free
  • No Payment or Transaction Fees Worldwide (with VISA Card)
  • Free Cash Withdrawal at any VISA ATM Worldwide (with VISA Card)
  • Account Opening can be done online

The biggest advantage of DKB is, that with your VISA Card you can pay, or withdraw Cash, anywhere in the world without any fees, no matter in which currency you pay.

That makes it the perfect bank account for expats, since you only need one credit card no matter where you are.

In Germany, not every Shop accepts credit Cards, that is why DKB provides you with an additonal V-Pay card for free, which is accepted in any German shop. As long as you use your V-Pay card in Germany only, it has no fees as well. Another advantage of DKB is that it allows non-residents to maintain their account. So you can still use your Account even if you moved back home.

Let’s get started – Opening a Bank Account

Step 1 – Open the Online Application

In order to open a bank Account, you can click the following button, which will take you directly to the online application to the exact starting point of this tutorial.

Click „Jetzt DKB-Cash eröffnen“ to open the Online Application.

Homepage DKB Cash - Start your Application here

Step 2 – Filing the Online Application Form

In the following, you can see a translation of the complete application form and everything you have to fill out:

Translated DKB Cash Online Application form with instructions
Translated DKB Cash Online Application form with instructions
Translated DKB Cash Online Application form with instructions

Now click on „Weiter“ to continue to the next page

Step 3 – Privacy Policy and Terms

This Page contains information about the privacy policy and general terms of DKB. German Banks have the obligation to inform their customers about this. To continue you have to accept the first four, by checking the Checkboxes.

Translated DKB Cash Online Application form with instructions

You can leave the last three checkboxes unchecked. By checking those, you accept to be informed about new products by Phone and mail, and agree on data processing and analysis.

Again, click „Weiter“ to continue to the next page.

Step 4 – Check your Information and Open Account

You will see a summary of the information you provided and have the option of editing it. After you double-checked your information click „Zum Vertrag“ to continue. On the following site, you have the chance to download some additional information about the DKB Bank Account, you can find those later as well. Click „Konto eröffnen“ to finalize the online Application.

You now have electronically submitted all necessary data to open a bank account

You will receive an email, which will confirm that they received your application. In the next few hours/days, you will get another email with further information to complete the authentication process.

Confirm your Identity

The second email will prompt you to confirm your identity. You can choose between Post-Ident and Online Ident. Of course, we will use the online identification method because it is by far more convenient.

Translated DKB Cash Online Identification process

DKB partners with WebID-Solutions, who provide an online identity check service. Make sure that you have a working Webcam, or download the WebID solutions app, to complete the process via smartphone, to be able to show them your documents. You can use your ID card or passport as a proof of identity.

Click the Link to start the legitimation. Fill out the Application form as shown below. For Reference number insert the Code, highlighted in the picture above.

Translated DKB Cash Online Application form with instructions

Click „Bestätigen“ to continue. In the next Form click „Video-Anruf starten“, to start the Identification. An employee will guide you through the process. They will ask you to show your document, so they can take pictures and confirm your identity. After they successfully verified your document, they will send you a TAN to the phone number you have given. Insert this TAN in the second box, shown below, to finish the identification.

WebID Solutions, instructions on Online Identification

That’s it! You have successfully applied for a bank account and confirmed your Identity. You should receive a confirmation email in the next hours. After they processed your application, you will receive another email, which confirms the successful opening of the bank account. DKB will send the Credit/Giro Card and your PIN Number by mail in the following days.

I hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement please let me know in the comments below.

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